What is MoStreili Books?

MoStreili books is a collection of English books available for all current and former clients of mine, to browse and borrow. MoStreili Studio (combination of Motil/Streili) is the unofficial name of the photo studio my husband runs and where I hold English courses and seminars. It’s one half cameras, lights and photo equipment and the other half is couches, books, a fireplace and fresh flowers. The collection of books is overseen by the the Jawbone lady and each book is outfitted with a commentary pocket.

Bookcase pic

Who is the Jawbone lady?

In 2004 while visiting my family in California, we took a side trip to the Mohave desert. After miles of driving in the middle of nowhere, we came accross a billboard advertising the rustic Jawbone Canyon store. It depicted a very large woman in a very, tiny string bikini proudly tanning herself on the beach. An oddity in itself but even more ironic in the middle of a sparse desert. My husband took a picture and later added it to his 2005 photography exhibit of the Mohave Desert and Randsburg ghost town. (Fotos from exhibit) The photo of the Jawbone lady is mounted above the bookcase in the entrance to our studio adding to the old, the new and the offbeat atmosphere. We like to think of her as the keeper of the books.

What is a commentary pocket?

Every person who borrows from MoStreili Books can add a comment to the commentary pocket pasted to the inside cover of each book. It’s simply an envelope with a blank piece of paper in it. It’s for people to write down what they thought of the book (good or bad), or a quote or a story or even a comment about how the book got bent, wet, ripped or where the book travelled with you as you read it. I’ve sat for hours thinking about each book and writing the first comments. Just add the date, your name and your comment. It’s slow, it’s manual and it may take years to fill the pages but imagine the surprise of a personal note from each person who read the book before you!

What kind of books are in the collection?

MoStreili books is a small collection of English books I’ve gathered over the years. Many were chosen by my American book club and discussed at our monthly book meetings and others were presents from friends and family. Old and new, classic and modern literature as well as non-fiction and a scattering of photography books. I only put books on the shelf that I’ve read and actually like. This helps me recommend the right book for you and can lead to lively, interesting book discussions, too!

Why lend books?

I love to read and and the tactile joy I get out of holding a book in my hands far outweighs the pleasure of a digital book. But they are just gathering dust on the shelves. So why not share them and bring back the slowness of borrowing and lending books, writing your name down, picking it up, bringing it back, telling me what you think and writing a comment in the book. I’m looking forward to this even if it takes years to fill the commentary pockets and a month to get the book back. Fold the pages, spill the coffee, bend the cover! It’s a book and it’s waiting to be read by you!
Just call or write before stopping by!