The Comeback of Books!

Bookcase pic

„That delicious old-book smell“, It’s back! All the more reason to stop by the MoStreili Studio (Linzerbundesstrasse 79, Salzburg) for a look at my REAL LIVE English book collection. Not only can you browse the collection of some of my favorite books, but you can borrow one and write a comment in the commentary pocket when you are finished. See what others readers before you thought of the book, trace the coffee stains on the cover, smell the crinkly pages and enjoy a non-digital book again! Let me recommend the right book for your level and interest and enjoy a hot coffee in the studio while you browse.

Contact me per email or telephone when you want to stop by or check out the collection before or after your next English course in the MoStreili Studio!
I’m looking forward to seeing you!


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