Fold the pages, spill the coffee, bend the cover. It’s a book!

All former and current students of mine and visitors to the MoStreili Studio, are welcome to borrow my English books. Located at the entrance to the MoStreili Studio in Gnigl, Linzerbundesstrasse 79.

Bookcase pic
All books are kept under the photograph of this lovely woman from the Jawbone Canyon store.

Foto 2
Jawbone lady, keeper of the books

Foto 3
Write comments, opinions, tips or critique in the pockets I’ve pasted into each and every book.

You might even find quotes, newspaper articles or even old notes from my mother commenting about the author or the story (wonder where I got it from, right?)
Why lend my beloved books? Because this is what my bookshelf looked like before I started this project. Not too good!

Foto 1

Also, a lot of people often ask me for recommendations and this way I can match the right books to the right people. I much prefer these books to have a life instead of just sitting on my messy shelves gathering dust.
Let’s bring back the slowness of borrowing and lending books, writing your name down, picking it up, bringing it back, telling me what you think and writing a comment in the book. I’m looking forward to this even if it takes years to fill the commentary pockets and a month to get the book back. Fold the pages, spill the coffee, bend the cover. It’s a book. Enjoy!

To borrow a book, give me a quick call or mail before you want to stop by. Or just browse the shelves before or after one of your English courses.

I’m looking forward to it!
All the best,


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